Why Golf Shoes are a Necessity for Golfers

The great thing about the sport of golf is that people can pick it up at any point in their lives. It’s not just for the professionals who are playing in the PGA Tour. Friends, families and colleagues can also play this game simply for their enjoyment. This game has many rules and regulations that everyone has to follow, even those who are simply playing for recreation. Most courses have a dress policy. Individuals won’t be allowed inside a course unless they are wearing the appropriate apparel and Golf shoes.

Wearing the proper footwear is an important part of this game. This special kind of footwear has a specific function. They have been particularly designed to be worn by golfers so they can meet the physical challenges they encounter in a course. There are different kinds of artificial hazards that are built in a course such as bunkers, tall grasses, and rough patches of green. These obstacles make the game more dynamic and interesting, but they also make it more difficult for players to traverse the course.

Golfers need to have the proper footwear that will help them make their way through this landscape:

shoesGolf shoes have built in spikes on the outsoles. It offers traction and keeps golfers steady on their feet while they are swinging at the balls. This kind of footwear used to be equipped with metal spikes. This, however, became problematic since the heavy duty spikes inadvertently damaged the green. They also became a terror indoors since they scratched the clubhouse floors. Nowadays, metallic spikes are prohibited in most courses.

During the 1990s, the athletic shoes industry started producing athletic footwear with non-metallic spikes. Often times, the material used were rubber or plastic. Most golfers switched to footwear that had these soft spikes and shortly after, they became the standard. Now, most courses have banned the use of footwear with metallic spikes.

Golf shoes come in different styles and built. A favorite among many golfers, both men and women, is the saddle shoe. This is typically made of leather and resembles the style of an Oxford shoe which became popular among the youth in the 1950s. The main difference is that they have spikes on the soles. The most popular version of this footwear is the version made from white leather with a black strip across the laces.

There’s also the sportier styles which is popular among younger golfers. These are typically made of real or synthetic leather. These are lighter and provide great ventilation. They have excellent cushioning on the tongue and insides of the shoe that absorb moisture.

Visit Rockbottomgolf.com, one of the best places to buy this type of footwear is online. Golfers who are looking to save some money can shop on an online discount retail store. There are sports retailers that specialize on this type of footgear. Shoppers can take advantage of their clearance sales on top athletic wear brands. Another great thing about this way of shopping is that it’s convenient. Customers can also read product reviews on their website. This is a useful way to get some product information about the merchandise they are selling, and can help shoppers decide which products to get.

When choosing a pair of Golf shoes, there are some features that people should look for. The shoes should be made from breathable material. Also, the leather should be soft so it doesn’t bruise the feet. Typically, this kind of footwear has a larger base than the average shoe. This gives golfers more leverage when they are assuming the swinging position during a shot. Proper cushioning is also very important. Golfers walk roughly five miles throughout the course of the game, so they need footwear that will provide them maximum comfort.