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The Most Secure Methods for Software Licensing

Written by admin. Posted in Pc audit software, Perform a software inventory of your computer applications manually, Software license management

While there are many methods for software licensing, they are certainly not all created equal. If you have created and are planning to market a software product, you want to make sure to use the most effective methods for software licensing to prevent the pirating of your product. Today, software pirating is commonplace and it can decrease your revenue from the sale of your software if you do not take the proper steps to ensure that your methods for software licensing cannot be easily hacked.

For years, software companies have given unique serial numbers to customers who buy their product. These serial numbers are used to activate the software on a user’s computer. Without the serial number, the software cannot be used. Unfortunately, serial numbers are not a very secure method of protecting software; skilled hackers can easily generate fake serial numbers or use serial number generators so that software can be registered and used without the need to purchase a legitimate copy. There are many illegal websites that contain illegitimate serial numbers and serial number generators for many different programs.

Today, the safest and most secure methods for software licensing are USB keys. Typically, only high-end, expensive software is licensed with a physical USB key. Depending on the kind of product you plan to sell and your target market, requiring a physical USB key to license your software might be the way to go. When your customers buy your software, they should be warned that they must purchase a USB key before they can actually use your product. Methods for software licensing like USB keys require that users install a key code on their key. The key must be connected to the computer via a USB port for the user to open and run the software application.

Unfortunately for smaller software companies and developers, methods for software licensing that involve the use of a USB key can turn off some buyers, particularly if your product is targeted toward average computer users as opposed to high-end professionals. Many of these users do not want to bother with purchasing or using a dedicated USB key.

When it comes to choosing between the methods for software licensing, every software developer must make their own choice. You have to decide which is more important to you: better security for your product, or more convenience for your customers. Ultimately, you must decide which method is most likely to help you in generating as much revenue as possible.