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Tips in Designing Your Custom Patches

The demand for iron on patches is constantly rising. More and more people are now considering this cost efficient branding method. To a few people, designing their custom patches is just a piece of cake since they simply need to use their company or organization logo on it. However, there is more to designing these patches than just simply using a logo. It can get more difficult if you still do not have any logo or idea in mind. We can help you out when you choose to purchase from us. If you are looking to create your own design these tips will help you. Designing patches should not be as difficult as other people think.


Designing PatchesThe purpose of the iron on patches are one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when creating a design. This is in fact the first thing that should be considered. One must not start creating something without asking himself what those patches are for which is why it is best to begin with a concept in mind. You can focus on your brand or organization’s name, a theme or an even you want to be remembered. Having a good design can ensure that your patch will be able to convey your message or idea clearly on a graphics that is formed well. We are able to create custom patches from sketches, images or text descriptions. It would be better to have the design drawn on a paper and have the same scale or size as your patches. This can allow for an easier digitalization. Sizing and corrections can also be easier with this.


Keep in mind that patches are just small which is why it would be quite messy to place lots of details or complex designs. The goal should be to create a clear and clean design that can convey your messages in just a glimpse. This can only be possible with a simple design. Overcrowding your patch with too much design just isn’t a good idea. Be certain that your message is stated well on the patch and it will surely serve its purpose effectively.


The good thing about custom patches is that you can actually decide how you want them to look like and this includes even their shapes. We can create custom patches with different shapes and even irregular ones. This is made possible by our laser cutting system. It is important to consider your design when choosing the size and shape you want. The most common shapes that most people opt for are octagon, diamond, oval, heart, rectangle, triangle, circle and square.


In order to convey your message well, it is a must to choose the perfect colors for your patches. Patches with light colored details should have a dark background so they can be seen clearly. If the details and letters are in dark color, you should opt for a light colored background.


This is an important part of the custom embroidered patches which is usually overlooked by most people who purchase them. The width and style of the border should be given the same importance as the rest of the embroidery. If you want your patches to have an optimal impact and look, you need to be certain that your borders can captivate the eyes of the people who would look at the patches.

Letters and Details

There are times when a certain design would not look good on a patch. Remember that iron on patches are small and it can be difficult to make a detail or letter as sharp as what you may see on a digitalized image. To ensure clarity, the letters on them must be at least ¼ inch. We recommend avoiding small details especially if you are going for embroidered patches. A simpler font for the letters is also advisable.

One does not have to be an artist or designer just to create a custom design for iron on patches. Simply consider the tips we have provided you and you will be well on your way. By the time you have decided to create your own design or leave it to us, simply contact us so we can also provide you a quote for your orders. Remember that we can provide you with more expert advices regarding the designs and materials that would be applied to your custom embroidered patches.It is always good to see to it that your custom patches will look just the way you want them to.