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The growing importance of iPhone Management Among Business Owners

Written by admin. Posted in Blackberry reporting, Enterprise mobility, Pc audit software

Mobile application management

The growth of the iPhone security market segment in the overall mobile device management market means that patch management is becoming a more prevalent tool among business owners, and iPhone management is among the leading types of patch management software that get trusted for use by business owners. Business owners that understand the importance of mobile devices in the modern economy appreciate iPhone management. Some iPhone management is about more than making sure you are able to streamline your operations. Rather, iPhone management is all about security.

Since there are about 65 million American users of smartphones today, and there are about 1 billion smart phone users across the globe, it is more important than ever before for a business to start capitalizing on mobile browsing and cloud computing. Mobile browsing sales continue to increase every year. The ability to manage your mobile browsing networks and have instant access to your data is important, especially with a bring your own device model of business use for cloud based architecture, meaning that each member of your staff is able to bring his or her own mobile device and connect to a network that gives them access to your private files and more.

Per a survey by tech trend group Enterasys that was conducted in February of 2012, there are currently just about three out of every four companies that allow for the use of a bring your own device model for employee access to digital networks. If you run a company and you are not yet making use of cloud software and digital network systems in order to connect each member of your staff, now is a great time to learn all that you care about iPhone management assuming that you use an Apple operating system. Most Apple operating systems are very proprietary, meaning that you will have excellent access and security among the approved users.

However, it is worth noting that open source users are not going to be able to access many of your Apple networks. If you are not worried about the use of open source devices at your company, then you will have no concerns when it comes to the use of iPhone management as compared to the use of any other mobile device security or management technology. Find a professional that regularly installs iPhone management packages for their clients, and ask him or her to get your company set up for the use of this mobile device management system.

Mobile Patch Management

Written by admin. Posted in Enterprise mobility, Iphone security, Patch management software

Today’s technology has provided enormous opportunities for businesses to streamline their productivity. Many devices like the iPhone are used for logistics and other tasks that are extremely important to a business’s competitive strategy. In order to keep 100′s of iPhones organized and up to date, businesses will use mobile patch management. Patch management solutions are put into place in order to keep iPhones secure from threats that emerge every day. In fact, the biggest threat to mobile devices and computer networks are viruses and exploits that are typically found on most networks. With mobile patch management solutions, 100′s of devices will be protected from cyber threats and viruses from a remote location.

Another huge advantage that patch management software has for companies using iPhones is the ability to perform these updates and security measures without required the devices to be turned in. Companies that have many computers on a network rely on patch management software to keep their system operating without any interruptions from all the usual updates that are needed. The same fact goes with iPhones. Companies that deploy their workers out into the field with an iPhone will require patch management solutions to keep their iPhones up to date and secure.

The iPhone isn’t the only mobile device in which patch management software is used for. Companies that use other mobile devices also use patch management software for the exact same reasons as they use iPhone patch management software. In fact, many companies will use a wide variety of mobile devices, all which potentially connect to iPhones. iPhones are not bullet proof and there are many security threats that go online every day that threaten sensitive information.

Patch management software is used for the iPhone to protect the sensitive information that is stored on the iPhone. Without patch management solutions, companies would lose money because they would experience significant down time with their networks. IT managers and network administrators can perform maintenance on 100′s of iPhones on the network with mobile patch management software. Using this kind of software for automated patch management can save a company all kinds of money by lowering the number of IT staff that would otherwise be necessary as well. Because of this added benefit the company will see a greater ROI for their investment in this type of mobile device management software.