7 Great Uses For Customized Coins By ChallengeCoins4Less.com

We believe in the celebration of individuality, uniqueness, rarity and distinctiveness. We also believe that these things can be expressed, even in something as small as a token or a coin. That is why ChallengeCoins4Less.com works so hard to make sure that every custom coin we make reflects what each of our clients want to convey.

How exactly do we prop up individuality and exclusivity through custom coins? Here are some fabulous ideas:

1. For exclusive membership

Customized coins are produced only in small batches, about several dozens to hundreds. This means that only a few people will be privileged enough to own one. That is why it is a great item that can be given as identification or inductee token when a member is accepted to an exclusive organization or club.

2. As a special gift to friends, colleagues and loved ones

custom-coinsChallengeCoins4Less.com can help easily turn your custom coins into something more practical. It can be turned into a pin, a key chain, rings, or even a bottle opener, with your own customized design. There are many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. When you have gifts customized, it makes a person feel that you are giving a part of yourself because you have invested time and effort in making the gift. This would be a very special and treasured gift to your loved ones on special occasions.

3. As token of recognition

Businesses or organizations holding competitions or presenting special awards can move on from the usually predictable plaques and trophies to give as a recognition award. Custom coins can serve as a fresher and hipper alternative when presenting awards. It can be contained in a special box or frame to make it look more formal. And because it is lightweight, it is something awardees can easily carry along even during travels to show off their accomplishments to family and friends.

4. For celebrations and announcements

Custom coins have started to emerge as a growing trend, given as birth announcements, engagement tokens, or as a ‘thank you for coming’ souvenir gift during special occasions. All the important details of the event can be engraved in the coin or in the box. Because the coin in durable, it can serve as a remembrance that will last for years to come. Ask ChallengeCoins4Less.com about special event gift boxes to hold the coins for a more festive look.

5. As a business or marketing item

Got a popular product brand? Want to promote an event or a famous character? Do you want to promote or raise money for an advocacy? Custom coins can be used for reselling or as a promotional item. Make limited edition coins for your business, event, famous personality, social program, or whatever it is you are trying to advertise. Sell it or use it as a promotional item to raffle off or give away!


6. Specialized custom jewelry

These days, even beverage can pull-off tabs can be turned into jewelry, so why not custom coins? Yes, the coins can be made lightweight, depending on the material you choose, enough to turn it into a pendant, a choker, a bracelet (similar to the Tiffany design), a decorative pin, or even a ring. When given as a gift to loved ones, the coin can be personalized with a message to make it even more special.

7. Practical name tags

If you’re familiar with the military ‘dog tag’, a term used for the necklace with a pendant inscribed with the name of the military personnel, then you get the idea of what you can do with a custom coin. ChallengeCoins4Less.com can turn it into a more decorative type of dog tag, which can be given as a gift, for personal use, or literally, to use as a dog tag for beloved pets.


While the idea of having your own personalized coin can seem fabulous, keep in mind that in making the coins, a mold needs to be created. This usually means that production needs to be in bulk. Typically, minimum orders are about 50 pieces, depending on the negotiations. We suggest getting a free quotation before finalizing any purchase. ChallengeCoins4Less.com would be glad to assist on the quote, including design possibilities for a more economical outcome of your custom coin.

There is a corresponding sentimental value for every custom coin that is made because it is used to represent something meaningful and significant to people. When engraved in a coin, with its durability, the memory can last for generations to come.