Tips in Designing Your Custom Patches

The demand for iron on patches is constantly rising. More and more people are now considering this cost efficient branding method. To a few people, designing their custom patches is just a piece of cake since they simply need to use their company or organization logo on it. However, there is more to designing these patches than just simply using a logo. It can get more difficult if you still do not have any logo or idea in mind. We can help you out when you choose to purchase from us. If you are looking to create your own design these tips will help you. Designing patches should not be as difficult as other people think.


Designing patchesThe purpose of the iron on patches are one of the most important things you have to keep in mind when creating a design. This is in fact the first thing that should be considered. One must not start creating something without asking himself what those patches are for which is why it is best to begin with a concept in mind. You can focus on your brand or organization’s name, a theme or an even you want to be remembered. Having a good design can ensure that your patch will be able to convey your message or idea clearly on a graphics that is formed well. We are able to create custom patches from sketches, images or text descriptions. It would be better to have the design drawn on a paper and have the same scale or size as your patches. This can allow for an easier digitalization. Sizing and corrections can also be easier with this.


Keep in mind that patches are just small which is why it would be quite messy to place lots of details or complex designs. The goal should be to create a clear and clean design that can convey your messages in just a glimpse. This can only be possible with a simple design. Overcrowding your patch with too much design just isn’t a good idea. Be certain that your message is stated well on the patch and it will surely serve its purpose effectively.


The good thing about custom patches is that you can actually decide how you want them to look like and this includes even their shapes. We can create custom patches with different shapes and even irregular ones. This is made possible by our laser cutting system. It is important to consider your design when choosing the size and shape you want. The most common shapes that most people opt for are octagon, diamond, oval, heart, rectangle, triangle, circle and square.


In order to convey your message well, it is a must to choose the perfect colors for your patches. Patches with light colored details should have a dark background so they can be seen clearly. If the details and letters are in dark color, you should opt for a light colored background.


This is an important part of the custom embroidered patches which is usually overlooked by most people who purchase them. The width and style of the border should be given the same importance as the rest of the embroidery. If you want your patches to have an optimal impact and look, you need to be certain that your borders can captivate the eyes of the people who would look at the patches.

Letters and Details

There are times when a certain design would not look good on a patch. Remember that iron on patches are small and it can be difficult to make a detail or letter as sharp as what you may see on a digitalized image. To ensure clarity, the letters on them must be at least ¼ inch. We recommend avoiding small details especially if you are going for embroidered patches. A simpler font for the letters is also advisable.

One does not have to be an artist or designer just to create a custom design for iron on patches. Simply consider the tips we have provided you and you will be well on your way. By the time you have decided to create your own design or leave it to us, simply contact us so we can also provide you a quote for your orders. Remember that we can provide you with more expert advices regarding the designs and materials that would be applied to your custom embroidered patches.It is always good to see to it that your custom patches will look just the way you want them to.

7 Great Uses For Customized Coins By

We believe in the celebration of individuality, uniqueness, rarity and distinctiveness. We also believe that these things can be expressed, even in something as small as a token or a coin. That is why works so hard to make sure that every custom coin we make reflects what each of our clients want to convey.

How exactly do we prop up individuality and exclusivity through custom coins? Here are some fabulous ideas:

1. For exclusive membership

Customized coins are produced only in small batches, about several dozens to hundreds. This means that only a few people will be privileged enough to own one. That is why it is a great item that can be given as identification or inductee token when a member is accepted to an exclusive organization or club.

2. As a special gift to friends, colleagues and loved ones

custom can help easily turn your custom coins into something more practical. It can be turned into a pin, a key chain, rings, or even a bottle opener, with your own customized design. There are many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from. When you have gifts customized, it makes a person feel that you are giving a part of yourself because you have invested time and effort in making the gift. This would be a very special and treasured gift to your loved ones on special occasions.

3. As token of recognition

Businesses or organizations holding competitions or presenting special awards can move on from the usually predictable plaques and trophies to give as a recognition award. Custom coins can serve as a fresher and hipper alternative when presenting awards. It can be contained in a special box or frame to make it look more formal. And because it is lightweight, it is something awardees can easily carry along even during travels to show off their accomplishments to family and friends.

4. For celebrations and announcements

Custom coins have started to emerge as a growing trend, given as birth announcements, engagement tokens, or as a ‘thank you for coming’ souvenir gift during special occasions. All the important details of the event can be engraved in the coin or in the box. Because the coin in durable, it can serve as a remembrance that will last for years to come. Ask about special event gift boxes to hold the coins for a more festive look.

5. As a business or marketing item

Got a popular product brand? Want to promote an event or a famous character? Do you want to promote or raise money for an advocacy? Custom coins can be used for reselling or as a promotional item. Make limited edition coins for your business, event, famous personality, social program, or whatever it is you are trying to advertise. Sell it or use it as a promotional item to raffle off or give away!

challenge coins

6. Specialized custom jewelry

These days, even beverage can pull-off tabs can be turned into jewelry, so why not custom coins? Yes, the coins can be made lightweight, depending on the material you choose, enough to turn it into a pendant, a choker, a bracelet (similar to the Tiffany design), a decorative pin, or even a ring. When given as a gift to loved ones, the coin can be personalized with a message to make it even more special.

7. Practical name tags

If you’re familiar with the military ‘dog tag’, a term used for the necklace with a pendant inscribed with the name of the military personnel, then you get the idea of what you can do with a custom coin. can turn it into a more decorative type of dog tag, which can be given as a gift, for personal use, or literally, to use as a dog tag for beloved pets.

custom military coinsWhile the idea of having your own personalized coin can seem fabulous, keep in mind that in making the coins, a mold needs to be created. This usually means that production needs to be in bulk. Typically, minimum orders are about 50 pieces, depending on the negotiations. We suggest getting a free quotation before finalizing any purchase. would be glad to assist on the quote, including design possibilities for a more economical outcome of your custom coin.

There is a corresponding sentimental value for every custom coin that is made because it is used to represent something meaningful and significant to people. When engraved in a coin, with its durability, the memory can last for generations to come.

Why Golf Shoes are a Necessity for Golfers

The great thing about the sport of golf is that people can pick it up at any point in their lives. It’s not just for the professionals who are playing in the PGA Tour. Friends, families and colleagues can also play this game simply for their enjoyment. This game has many rules and regulations that everyone has to follow, even those who are simply playing for recreation. Most courses have a dress policy. Individuals won’t be allowed inside a course unless they are wearing the appropriate apparel and Golf shoes.

Wearing the proper footwear is an important part of this game. This special kind of footwear has a specific function. They have been particularly designed to be worn by golfers so they can meet the physical challenges they encounter in a course. There are different kinds of artificial hazards that are built in a course such as bunkers, tall grasses, and rough patches of green. These obstacles make the game more dynamic and interesting, but they also make it more difficult for players to traverse the course.

Golfers need to have the proper footwear that will help them make their way through this landscape:

shoesGolf shoes have built in spikes on the outsoles. It offers traction and keeps golfers steady on their feet while they are swinging at the balls. This kind of footwear used to be equipped with metal spikes. This, however, became problematic since the heavy duty spikes inadvertently damaged the green. They also became a terror indoors since they scratched the clubhouse floors. Nowadays, metallic spikes are prohibited in most courses.

During the 1990s, the athletic shoes industry started producing athletic footwear with non-metallic spikes. Often times, the material used were rubber or plastic. Most golfers switched to footwear that had these soft spikes and shortly after, they became the standard. Now, most courses have banned the use of footwear with metallic spikes.

Golf shoes come in different styles and built. A favorite among many golfers, both men and women, is the saddle shoe. This is typically made of leather and resembles the style of an Oxford shoe which became popular among the youth in the 1950s. The main difference is that they have spikes on the soles. The most popular version of this footwear is the version made from white leather with a black strip across the laces.

There’s also the sportier styles which is popular among younger golfers. These are typically made of real or synthetic leather. These are lighter and provide great ventilation. They have excellent cushioning on the tongue and insides of the shoe that absorb moisture.

Visit, one of the best places to buy this type of footwear is online. Golfers who are looking to save some money can shop on an online discount retail store. There are sports retailers that specialize on this type of footgear. Shoppers can take advantage of their clearance sales on top athletic wear brands. Another great thing about this way of shopping is that it’s convenient. Customers can also read product reviews on their website. This is a useful way to get some product information about the merchandise they are selling, and can help shoppers decide which products to get.

When choosing a pair of Golf shoes, there are some features that people should look for. The shoes should be made from breathable material. Also, the leather should be soft so it doesn’t bruise the feet. Typically, this kind of footwear has a larger base than the average shoe. This gives golfers more leverage when they are assuming the swinging position during a shot. Proper cushioning is also very important. Golfers walk roughly five miles throughout the course of the game, so they need footwear that will provide them maximum comfort.

Which Motivational Speakers Should You Choose To Represent Your Company?

As we all know, there’s a huge demand for speakers who would represent a company’s mission, proposition and value nowadays. There are a lot of companies who are willing to pay a thousand or even a hundred thousand dollars for speakers who they think will be able to inspire their employees and staff.

Because of this huge demand, there are some people who take advantage this opportunity and claim themselves to be motivational speakers. For this reason, it is important for a company to have an eye in choosing which speakers are really experienced and efficient.

Keynote speakerIn choosing which speakers to represent your company’s ideals, you must find the ones who are known to be motivational speakers. As much as possible, if you have the budget, select the ones who are famous and reputable. However if you don’t have the budget, the following are the qualities that you should be looking for, in choosing which speakers to hire to represent your company effectively.

He has a good insight.

One of the characteristics of a good speaker is his ability to connect to his audience, which is essential for a motivational speaker. All people who have heard him before will say something like, “He has moved me.” Or “He has inspired me.” Listening to the recordings of his previous talks and speech will prove it. He is able to connect to all kinds of people, no matter how stratified or difficult they are.

He is experienced.

He is not an amateur who is on the stage only to do his thing. He has enough experiences, and almost all people who have heard him, are saying positive things about him. Because of these experiences, he is able to inspire different kinds of people in different walks of life.

Motivational Speaker

These experiences have taught him to be knowledgeable in the roundabouts of business. He is able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s competitors and make the crowd understand them.

His experiences has strengthen him to be able to know the secret on how to win the trust of his crowd and make them listen to him in all he say. He is comfortable in front of the crowd.

His speeches is based on research.

Some motivational speakers use opinions and personal experiences to connect to the audience. However, a good speaker knows that these must be supported with an evidence through research to make his message credible and reliable. He doesn’t just talk using his own opinions and experiences, but he also uses facts to convince and inspire the crowd.

He creates a great impact to his audience.

He knows how to be memorable to his audience. He also knows to entertain them and be serious at the same time. He knows hot to hold his audience interest and attention for as long as he speaks.

He knows how to balance entertainment and message depending on what you want.

He has a sense of humor. He can entertain to hold his audience’s interest. However, he must be able to know that being an effective and soughtable motivational speaker, he must be able to know how to tailor the amount entertainment and message in a speech based on what you want.

This is a difficult task, but a real motivational speaker knows how to do it because he is experienced and professional.

He is versatile.

There are different types of speakers, and most of the time, speakers have their own specialization. There are humorist, industry speakers, celebrity speakers, and motivational speakers.

The most in-demand are those speakers who can be humorous, interesting and motivational at the same time, because this kind of speakers can create a huge impact to his audience, by being funny and inspirational at the same time.

He has a searchable website.

Motivational SpeakersA real motivational speaker is not afraid to show his face to the world. He has his own website that will serve as an online brochure. His website should contain samples of his public speeches and guestings. His website should also include some testimonials that will make him credible. A hint of his credibility is when your prospect speaker appears on search results when you use a search engine.

He has professional affiliations and awards.

By knowing the affiliations of the speaker, you will know what kind of person he is. He must belong to a reputable organization that is related to your business, because in that way, you will know that he has a lot of things to say when you invite him as your guest speaker. His organization and awards makes him credible. Because of these, the audience will definitely listen to him and trust him.

Because of the growth of different industries, everything evolves. Because of this change, almost every industry needs a motivational speaker who is trully knowledgeable, and who can represent the company’s ideals to its people effectively. We believe that’s why it is important to choose your motivational speakers wisely.

Good motivational speakers underscore the significance of consistency and teach ways on how their actions won’t betray their words. For more information about best motivational speakers contact here

A Plan For Weight Loss With HCG Drops

Millions of people today will try to find a way to lose weight and exercise more. It’s something that is somewhat universal in scope, and something that many people can relate with. If you have ever found yourself trying to get to a place where you are able to make moves, you’ll find that this notion is not too outside of your thinking. Losing weight, exercising, eating right, and everything that comes alongside with nutrition can be quite rough at first glance, but it’s not an impossible thing to work with. It’s just something that can be irksome, if you do not know the right elements to move forward within. A plan for of action could be your best bet here, and that starts with looking into hcg drops, and then balancing the rest with relative ease.

The Balancing Act

The first thing that you have to do is look into how the body works. The body is a machine that can definitely burn a lot of fat from the cellular walls that you have. This is done through excretions, hormone balances, and more. When you isolate these things, you will end up looking into a variety of different components that will deliver on the promise of getting results. The results of course start with metabolism, and burning through these cells. Metabolic spikes help make fat cells turn into energy. When energy is then burned, it leaves empty spots for striated muscle to come into place. This is something that most people don’t really understand at first glance, until they start to look into the bigger picture.

HCG DropsAs you work within the energy building that happens naturally, you’ll want to boost your metabolic rate so that it works when you’re not exercising or doing anything. That being said, you should look at how hcg drops, can help you distribute the right elements in the right places. That means that you will end up getting a huge jump forward, and perhaps seeing results that are easy to manage. What hcg drops do to help you is simple, they spike the metabolic rate to the point where you are seeing a true push forward in the right direction. The goal here is not to just lose weight, but to introduce more fat fighting elements into the body.

The Continued Push

As for the bigger picture, you have to realize that you need to work with the balance of diet, exercise, and supplements. These three elements need equal part in your daily routine to get the upper hand. Without these in place, you are not going to get very far, and that’s something that is definitely worth noting. You need all elements to be working within the confines of your body’s normal systems if you are going to see major moves forward. Without these in place, you are going to end up isolating just one area in your body and that’s not good.

Most people don’t see results because they don’t seem to push the right points into play. In order to see results, you have to look into the greater good that comes from working within hcg drops, balancing nutrition, and exercise as a whole. All of these things come together to give your body a natural implementation process that is hard to run from. Focusing on these things is a good thing, and it shouldn’t be an afterthought at all.

Forward progress is a good thing, and it can bring sustainable weight loss if you factor in the right complementary elements in your quest. That starts with nutrition and ends with results that are found through supplements, exercise and proper balance.